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Clever 1000 Network For Social Media is run by the Clever Girls Collective, Stefania Pomponi Butler@CityMama,  Cat Lincoln @DearBadKitty and Sheila Bernus Dowd@Xiaolinmama. Clever 1000 began in January 0f 2010 and is continuing to accept applications now.

According to Clever 1000,

women who engage in social media activities are some of the most authentic, connected, trusted, and vocal influencers not only online, but “in real life.”  Whether you’re blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, or just chatting up your friends over coffee, we recognize the power of your personal connections.

– Do you use a broad range of social media tools?
– Do you like to connect and share with others?
– Do you make time for family and friends and/or to pursue social justice issues?
– Do you value diversity, instead of following trends?
– Are you an enthusiastic advocate for the products and brands you believe in?
– Do your friends ask you for advice about products?
– Do you have lots of ideas on how to make  social media and blogging better?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then join Clever 1000.  Clever will assist you with your blogging and your social media needs. Being compensated fairly for your work is key. Men are welcome too.

4 comments on “Clever 1000 Network For Social Media

  • That’s crazy! I just read Crush it! by Gary Vaynerchuk and he talked ALL about the importance of social.

    The part about women you mentioned is very intriguing…

  • Murray! What a delightful way to e-meet you!

    Thank you for helping us spread the word about the Clever 1000. Like you, we believe in the power of social media, and are dedicated to helping our clients work with our clever sisters — and brothers! — to achieve mutual success!

    From your avatar, it appears we also share a certain aesthetic, and possibly taste in music — could a karaoke visit to San Francisco be in your future? Let us know!

    Thanks again,
    Cat, Stefania, Sheila + Kristy
    @DearBadKitty, @CityMama, @xiaolinmama & @kristysf

  • I thought this sounded like a wonderful opportunity, so signed up. Today, 7/22/2010, I got an email enthusing about how I was so loved the four people in charge were sending me a contract to sign. I received it, and the English translation of the legalese left out one big point — you are signing with them to exclusively represent you for the next two years worldwide with no details of how you will be compensated, or compensate them. So if you sign the contract, you could lose everything you create for the next two years, plus it is renewable automatically for one year increments forever.

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