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Ebuzzing UK launch


Ebuzzing is a platform that brings advertisers and bloggers together, ebuzzing enables advertisers to pay bloggers to promote their services via sponsored posts. This is one way for bloggers to increase their monetisation without adding additional banner advertising to their sites. Paid posts are comparatively new in Europe although they have been a hit in the United Stated of America for some time. I know several US bloggers who make $2000 plus per month through paid posts.

Started in 2007 Ebuzzing has been offering bloggers ways to monetize their blogs by broadcasting videos and creating content for brands. Ebuzzing  helps advertisers  increase their visibility and generate traffic to their websites.  Ebuzzing works with brands such as Coca-Cola, Intel, MTV, LʼOréal, MasterCard, Toyota, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, eBay, Canon, Diesel, Warner Bros, Philips, StudioCanal.

To take paid posts or not to take paid posts, that is the question that many bloggers ask themselves. In my mind as long as you are transparent that you are being paid and only truly recommend something that you believe in the I do not have a challenge with it. To find out what you could earn register on ebuzzing.com

Disclosure and transparency are important for readers and advertisers and bloggers are required to declare that it is a sponsored post. To keep Google happy all links must be no follow links, which also keeps bloggers safe. All articles must be at least two hundred and fifty words in length to meet the Ebuzzing quality post score.

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