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Free Affiliate Marketing Guide From Jonathan Volk

A few days ago Jonathan Volk launched his free affiliate marketing guide.

If you don’t know who Jonathan Volk is, he is a super affiliate who has made millions promoting affiliate programs. He also is a blogger who has been blogging for years on all aspects of internet marketing.

This free affiliate marketing guide is a very comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know about starting your affiliate marketing career in PPV, PPC, Social media marketing, and Media buying. The guide covers 17 sections ranging from the very basics to some pretty advanced marketing tactics.

Here is one of the cool things… Jonathan is also running iPad contest. You have to enter your name and email to access the guide and when you do, you automatically get a referral link. The top two referrers get a free 32Gb WiFi iPad! In addition to that, there is going to be a random winner selected where 1 referral is equal to 1 entry in the random drawing!

Finally, Jonathan also will be holding some free Q&A webinars with experts in the fields of PPV, PPC, Media Buying, and Social Media.

This free guide offers a ton of value and is well worth checking out!

Check it out now!

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