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Heather in BC wins the Affiliate dot com Blogger Contest.

“After watching the entries to our Blogger Contest pour in before the deadline last Monday, our celebrity judges (Missy Ward, John Chow, Zac Johnson, and Murray Newlands) faced an incredible challenge.  How to pick a winner from among so many great blog posts.  After much deliberation over the past week, each of our judges cast their vote and we are now ready to announce our winner.  Without further ado, the winner of the first ever affiliate.com T-shirt Blogger Contest is…

Heather in BC!

Heather blogged about her experience wearing her shirt during the Olympics, included some video and in what can only be termed a brilliant move, also included a photo with one of the contest judges!  Check out her post here.  Her creativity won over our judges and many other bloggers, as well.  Congratulations Heather!” – 

Tom Wozniak

I think it helped that she got on JohnChow.com

2 comments on “Heather in BC wins the Affiliate dot com Blogger Contest

  • Thanks Murray – I’m absolutely thrilled to win this contest and to know affiliate.com is helping the Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund as well – that’s awesome.

    It was fun attending John Chow’s Dot Com Pho lunch – I’d highly recommend to any bloggers coming to Vancouver to hook up with John and his group for the best ‘Pho’ and a great time!

  • Yeah, I found that blog also about Heather who win the t-shirt contest. I’m new here but I’m reading some of your blogs, also you are popular to Volk’s site. I’ve several comments about you on blogs.

    Congrats Heather, you deserve it!


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