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Kasandria Reasoner of Southern Bella’s Ways To Save An Interview

Kasandria or Kas writes about a bit of everything with her own twist. You’re sure to find her own voice in all of her posts whether she’s writing about blogging tips, affiliate marketing or reviewing products. She’s even added something extra to her disclosure policy. Love it!


Tell me about your Blog-

My blog Southern Bella’s Ways To Save is a mixture of Reviews, Giveaways, Ways To Save and Earn Money in Today’s Economy, with Sprinklings of a Southern Mom Blogger thrown in.

What was your first blog?

Southern Bella’s Ways To Save

What is the biggest tip you would give to product reviewers?

Learn to say no. Every opp and campaign sounds great, but think ahead or you will only stress yourself out.

Are you contacted by companies or PR companies or do you contact them or both?

Now that I’m established most of the companies contact me. I’ll only pitch a company if it’s something I really would like to personally try out.

What do you consider an “established” blogger?

To me an “Established Blogger” is someone who has been blogging 6 months or more. You know the in’s and out’s so to speak. It’s NOT someone who makes the most money or who is the most popular at all. It’s feeling like you have accomplished your own personal goals and are striving for more.

What is your favorite product that you have reviewed?

A tie between my HP Photosmart Printer with Touchscreen or Disney World.

What do companies or PR companies do that you wish they wouldn’t/ do that you like?

I wish they would be more open to things other than a simple review or giveaway. Let us figure out a new way to promote your product to our target audience that is different.

What do bloggers do that you wish they wouldn’t/do that you like?

I wish bloggers stayed true to themselves more. 2 big things every blogger should remember. Don’t sell yourself short and remember your readers come first.

I do like how bloggers have created a community. Yes sometimes there are arguments or cat fights within the community, but overall we are a strong unit who backs each other up.
What advertiser would you like to work with given a chance?

Dyson, HP again, and Disney again.
Where do you see growth in the blogging field?

I see more growth in social media. Bloggers need to tie social media into their blogs so they don’t get left behind.
What is one thing about you that not many people know?

That I came from a troubled childhood and was diagnosed with BiPolar Manic Depressive Disorder. Now I am a happy, married 28 year old mother of 2 with a good support system.
I notice that you also offer blog and VA Services. Care to elaborate?

My passion is graphic design. I love it and have designed all my graphics on my blog. I also offer Virtual Assistant Blog Services because hey let’s face it… Blogging is hard work. I’ve done things from adding regular blog posts, adding posts to a gift guide, submitting  giveaways to other high profile sites, and have just started blogger to WordPress transitions. Visit my Blog Services Page for more information.
What’s your favorite book?

The Stand by Stephen King with anything by Charlaine Harris coming in 2nd.
What is on your iPod?

Right now the top 5 are Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Motley Crue, and Marilyn Manson. I’m eclectic.
What are your contact details?

Kasandria Reasoner
Blogger, Graphic Designer, and Virtual Assistant
Southern Bella’s Ways To Save
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: http://twitter.com/waystosave
What events do you attend?

Any that I can afford or am invited so far I’ve only made it to the lobby of BlogHer, lobby of Blissdom, and Disney’s Social Media Moms.
What do you mean by “made it to the lobby”?

Making it to the “lobby” is just that lol. BlogHer was sold out. I didn’t care. The husband and I flew to Chicago anyway and I went to some of the parties and networked in the lobby. On my flight I just happened to win a lobbycon pass. Then I waited to long to buy my Blissdom ticket and it sold out, but I live near Nashville so I hopped in the car went one day and hung out in the lobby to network and went to some parties. Some of the best times I ever had and I have never been to one session until The Disney Social Media Moms which was unlike anything I had ever experienced.
How do you prefer to communicate?

E-Mail. I hate the phone
Who would you recommend, and why?

1. Trisha Haas of http://www.momdot.com/ She is a great leader and a wonderful friend.
2. Kim of http://accidentalmommies.com/ She is always there when you have a technical question
3.Cherise Kachelmuss of http://mamasmoneysavers.com/ a dear friend and a great blogger
4. Kristie of http://savingdollarsandsense.com/ The most sweetest and sincere blogger I have ever met in real life
5. Brian Reasoner of http://southernbellasbigdaddy.blogspot.com/ I had to put him in the middle since he is my husband and I didn’t want to play favorites lol.
6. Stefanie of http://mommysquiettime.com/ All around nice blogger
7. Shan of http://lastshredsofsanity.com/ who will always have your back
8. Cat from http://3kidsandus.com/ A list without Cat isn’t a list.
9. Lori from http://mywoodenspoon.com/ Her food makes me wish I was a better cook
10. Christine from http://www.fromdatestodiapers.com/ One of the “famous” bloggers who when I met her IRL she was super sweet and down to earth.

What is one thing people can do for you?

Stop by my blog and twitter and say hi! I love to meet new people.


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