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Marketing to women online has recently become a hot topic due to a rapidly growing number of women actively engaged in blogging, social networking, connecting with other women, sharing their stories, researching, and making purchases online. Women make over 80% of household buying decisions, posing a huge opportunity for affiliate marketers looking to target this powerful group. However, some affiliates steer clear of marketing to women due to lower conversion rates than what they’ve experienced with more spontaneous consumers (which poses a huge opportunity for those not yet involved with this niche). You cannot simply ask, “Why Market to Women?” You’ve got to ask, “How can I market to women? How can I speak her language?”

A plethora of recent studies reveal that women need to trust in the ability of a product to meet her needs (and the needs of her family) and will quickly leave a landing page that does not appear trustworthy, female-friendly, or speak her language. Understanding the nature of this group is key in creating a highly-targeted, profitable marketing campaign!

Recently, a post on the Clickbooth blog caught my attention. Sara Anderson has written an insightful post on the importance of marketing to this powerful group of consumers and how to increase your campaign’s success when targeting Women Ages 35-55. Why market to this group when you could market to more uniformed or spontaneous consumers? “The answer is spending power.” explains Anderson, “When you market to women within this age range, you are essentially marketing to both her and her entire family.”

Read the post here for more information about this niche and how to increase conversions when marketing to women online!

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