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Oklahoma Affiliate Meetup 2010

Thank you to thank RevenueAds , NDustry Clix, NDemand, Revenue500, and Riley Pool for flying me out and making sure we all had a great time in Okie.

I learned that in Okie it is sometimes hot and then snowing the next day, like the UK, but that they have bigger cars.

(Yes I was freezing cold in this photo) 

And great food.

okie dinner

We partied hard and had a great time on the bus and bowling later. What was great was the networking and education. Ian Fernando gave a great talk about finding a niche and finding an offer that people are searching for. Speaking to the sponsors they were delighted to find affiliates who they did not know lived only a few miles away and there was a real sense of community, I hope it turns into business for them.

I would especially like to thank the guys at RevenueAds for looking after me while I was there.

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