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Repurposing Your Blog Content

Repurposing blog posts means changing up your posts in small ways.

– Use different words, terms or change the format.

– Update some information.

– Create a PDF from a well written post.

– Create an ebook from a post or a series of posts.

– Create a unique video based on a post.

Maintain a list of posts that didn’t do well the first time around. Decide which posts to add to the list by lack of comments, no Google ranking, poor content, or well written posts that can be updated. Be sure to go through your blog frequently and even ask others to assist you.

Having difficulty coming up with something to write?  This is the perfect time to repurpose a post.

Want to gain new readers? Take a new approach on one of your posts.

Selling information? That’s when you can write up your ebook by combining blog posts and making into a tutorial form.

Get more traffic – Use the PDF, ebook or video and submit it to other sites.

Get more subscribers – Offer the PDF or ebook for free to blog or newsletter subscribers.

Create a website – Just like Guy Kawasaki, create a website, summarize your blog posts, add amazing photos and monetize that site. Use Twitter or other means to get traffic. This works if you have a lot of content or if you work with other bloggers as a group. Not easy, but it can be done.

What are some ways that you repurpose your blog content and why?

3 comments on “Repurposing Your Blog Content

  • Think it’s really effective to slect a theme of posts for your blog for a week, then re-purpose that week’s posts as a viral PDF or opt-in report.

  • That is a good post! The bit I liked best was when you said about it not being easy without working with other bloggers. But have you ever tried getting the attention of other bloggers? You see the odd post on forums suggesting this that or the other but no one ever takes up the idea. Surely the best way to succeed is to cooperate?


  • Hi Murray,

    With all due respect, I think you need to be careful when you repurpose your material. I think it works best when you convert content from one format to another. I especially like your idea of combining multiple blog posts into an eBook. However, just using different words or terms and republishing the same thing is likely going to offend some of your readers and, quite possibly, have a negative affect on your credibilty.

    As a writer, I’m always happy to see an opportunity to extend the shelf life of content. I think we need to be cautious in our approach.

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