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Rita Alarcon from One 2 Try An Interview

Rita began as a food blogger who shared recipes. She now reviews products, leaning a bit on food items, writes about her life and shares her humor. One of my favorite weekly posts is “Dear So and So” where she writes imaginary letters based on a specific topic. Be sure to hold your sides while reading these!


Tell me about your Blog

One 2 Try came about from all the recipes I have collected over the years I found from magazines or newspapers. I was accumulating so many I separated them in different boxes. The ones I really wanted to make I called One to try! This brought my enjoyment of food as a natural topic for my blog. I want to share with my readers something so good they want to try it. It evolved into more than just recipes, now it is products, places to go, blogs to visit and much more. There is always One 2 Try.

What was your first blog?

One 2 Try is my first blog. I started it in January of 2009 as a way to find recipes to share on the web. I initially set out to share the events or restaurants in my area but I felt it was so limited. I wanted to reach out across state lines with products or recipes anyone could try. After a few months of figuring out how to do the blogging, I really began heavily posting in July of 2009. Since then I have reached 741 posts. I have a lot to say I guess. I do have two other blogs in mind that I would love to bring to life. I enjoy writing. I try to write with humor and warmth. The reason I write is for the people that are reading. That is what drives me.

What is the biggest tip you would give to product reviewers?

Stay organized. Keep track of all the contacts. Make sure you keep your schedule up to date. It can become overwhelming sometimes but with good organizational skills everything should be in place. I use two spreadsheets, a calendar book, countless email folders and a desk organizer to keep the information where I need it. Then I have a backup system to my computer just in case.

Are you contacted by advertisers or do you contact them or both?
When I started out I was doing pretty much all of the contacting. If I really wanted to try something I would find the contact information and let them know I am interested. I send nearly 20 to 30 contact letters every few days. Sometimes more. Today it is a mixture of both my generated contacts and the companies initiating contact to me directly, which I love.

What is your favorite product that you have reviewed?

All of them! I enjoy learning about a product. Whether it is a product to use or a food to eat, it is about trying something new. That makes it exciting. One of my very favorite products, is the review I did for J. Winterbower Glass Art I still have the beautiful Vortex Marble on my desk to look at. I feel it was my most descriptive review ever!

What do advertisers do that you wish they wouldn’t/ do that you like?

Dislike: When you reach agreements on reviewing a product or providing a giveaway, then you never get the product. To make matters worse your emails about the product go unanswered. It is like they just disappeared. I am always looking forward to trying all the products but when one falls through beyond my control it makes me wonder what happened. I really wanted to feature your product that is why I contacted in the first place.
Like: Prompt replies to emails. I really like hearing from the advertisers about the review I have just posted for them. It makes me feel special when I get a “great job”.  I also like when they contact you again for another review.
What do bloggers do that you wish they wouldn’t/do that you like?
Dislike: I would never criticize another blogger because everyone has their own writing style and preference. My dislike is the black backgrounds with the white or colored text. I think it looks great but it hurts my eyes to read it.
Like: Talking about other blogs. I love being mentioned on other blogs and I hope blogs like to be mentioned on mine. I link to a lot of fun recipe blogs. These folks are cooking something good. To me it is another form of One 2 Try – by trying a new blog.

What advertiser would you like to work with given a chance?

On a dream scale -Frigidaire or LG. I am sure they have an extra washer and dryer somewhere waiting to be reviewed. HP computers would be another dream. On a more realistic scale, I would love to work with Cuisinart. Most of the appliances are perfect for my lifestyle and fit nicely in the theme of my blog.

Where do you see growth in the blogging field?

Pooled resources. With so many blogs out there I see the trend of bloggers working more together to become an advertising force.

What is one thing about you that not many people know?
I am a big Elvis fan. When my husband and I got married we had an Elvis wedding in Las Vegas. Elvis sang and it was a blast. It was just the wedding we wanted.

What’s your favorite book?

Dragon Fantastic. It is a compilation of stories about dragons that I read many many years ago. Several of the stories have remained in my memory. I still have my copy of the book.

What is on your iPod?

I do not have one, but I would be happy to review one! If I did it would be filled with Dave Matthews Band, Elvis and Garth Brooks.

What are your contact details?

email: one2tryblog(nospam)@hotmail.com Remove the (nospam)

What events do you attend?

I am just getting started on the bloggers events. I will be attending my first one in April. I am hoping one of the big events will make its way to the West Coast in the near future. Las Vegas would be a great place too.

How do you prefer to communicate?

I like email the best. It is fast, convenient and pretty much instant. I am in front of the computer most of the time anyway so I can respond quickly.
Who would you recommend, and why?
Lynn at Midday Escapades. http://www.middayescapades.com/ I am a partner with her for Friday Follow. She is always willing to help and comes up with the greatest ideas.
Tami at Hearts Make Families. http://heartsmakefamilies.com/ My other partner for Friday Follow. I love her writing and sense of humor. She always makes me feel special.
Leslie at Leslie Loves Veggies. http://www.leslielovesveggies.net/ She is a lot like me. We both adore food. She has always been there when I need help on something.
Valerie at Sweeps4bloggers. http://sweeps4bloggers.com/ Valerie lives in Southern California too and we are getting together to finally meet each other face to face. She always has a moment for me in her busy day.
Susan at Blackberry Jam Café. http://blackberryjamcafe.blogspot.com/ Something about Susan touched me. She enjoys artsy things and is an artist at heart.
Julee at Mommy’s Memorandum. http://jonbonjovious.blogspot.com/ She is just crazy fun. Did you know she loves Bon Jovi? She reached out to me for some help and I love helping others.
Jennifer at Review Retreat. http://www.reviewretreat.com/ She needed a simple answer on a question she had and since then we have communicated quite often.
Angela at Angela Vinez Designs. http://thepictureperfectboutique.com/ I love the design she created for my blog. She works quickly and if I ever have any questions she is there to help.
Foodgawker – http://foodgawker.com/ I am a foodie, need I say more.
Eddy Van Damme http://www.eddyvandammeusa.com/ . I had the chance to meet Chef Eddy and he is the nicest, warmest person. He teaches his pastry craft at Houston Community College. He showcases some of his luscious recipes on his blog. They are fabulous. They always make me drool.
Robin at Bea’s Baskets. http://store.beasgiftbaskets.com/StoreFront.bok I have been featuring Bea’s Gift Baskets throughout the year at different holidays. She is a fantastic sponsor and a wonderful friend.

What is one thing people can do for you?

Come by my blog then subscribe! I have so many fun things I would hate for you to miss anything.


5 comments on “Rita Alarcon from One 2 Try An Interview

  • I absolutely adore Rita! One 2 Try is a FABU Blog! She does a GREAT Review and Giveaway, always fun to read, fun to enter always upbeat!

    Rita is genuine and keeps it real with NO DRAMA! I love that! She’s a member of the No Drama Mama Club! 🙂

    GREAT Review as always Connie! XOXOXO
    Leslie from
    Leslie Loves Veggies

  • Rita, it’s so great to get to know you more through this interview. I am a big One2Try Fan and love all the help you have provided. Well done! Happy Blogging!

  • Rita is very humble about this, but she has also helped many bloggers. She’s never too busy for answering questions – or sharing ideas! I am also a big fan, and start my days with “what’s going on at One2Try”.

    I’ve tried several new products JUST because of Rita’s review. And the give-aways are some of the best out there!

  • Its funny how you remember special things in your life. Days or moments that stand out. Such a time was when Rita and I baked and made chocolate work in my pastry kitchen. Rita is fabulous, and so is her Mom. Her fabulous blog is a true extension of her warm and lovely personality and I am always looking forward to read her new articles. All the best to you Rita and thanks for sharing all your work!
    Dearly, Eddy.

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