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The Product Review Place introduces the Bloggers Select Program and a contest to win a ticket to Type-A Mom Conference. The Bloggers Select Program provides:

– access to members only pitches from PR companies

– information on how to contact PR companies directly

– featured reviews (your own) on The Product Review Place site

– exclusive training on Alexa ranking, building traffic to your blog, writing pitch letters and more

Only 25 members will be included in the Bloggers Select Program and you must apply to be approved. When you apply, you are entered into a giveaway for the Type-A Mom Conference ticket. This conference will be held September 24 – 26 in Asheville, NC. Fill out your application quickly because members will be chosen today, March 21.

Note: There is a $5/month fee to be a member of the Bloggers Select Program.

For product review bloggers, this is an opportunity that can help you gain the information you need to get inside the blocked doors of the PR companies you’ve been wanting to break down. The Product Review Place, on it’s own does a great job assisting bloggers, the Bloggers Select Program is an extension of what is provided.

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