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How would your living room and office look like in 2025? Would your TV still be a part of your life? Would you meet your friends in real life or only online? Would you ever travel to business meetings, or high end 3D conferencing systems will replace the need for a handshake? How would your kid’s classroom look like? Would it exist at all?

These are the questions we will try to answer in the conference 2025, by IMTC (2025.imtc.org), an industry wide standardization organization in the fields of video conferencing and content delivery.

These questions will be answered by thought leaders from MIT, Cisco, Nokia, Radvision and others.

As a virtual event attendees don’t need to travel – just pre-register at the site and log in at the time of the event. While the event is broadcasted live, attendees could interact with the speakers – just like in any other real life event. But if you are located in west coast or Australia you can view the event in re-runs (though you won’t be able to interact with speakers).

Personally I believe that nothing will replace a handshake. But the world of communication and entertainment doesn’t stop to surprise me.

See you there!

Kfir Pravda is the CEO of Pravda Media Group and VP Marketing of IMTC. you can contact him at [email protected], on twitter at @kfirpravda and read his blog at www.pravdam.com/blog

4 comments on “Your living room in 2025

  • Hi Murray,

    This is very interesting.

    The US Department of Education in 2009 established for the first time that online learning is more effective for delivering information than in-person face to face teaching.

    This is not really surprising considering the dynamics of the US public school classroom and the teaching down to the lowest common denominator that has landed US high school seniors in last place academically in the developed world.

    I would hope that by 2025, the classroom would be a thing of the past in most parts of the world.

    The Prussian model of assembling a group of youth, and segregating them by age as if they are apples on a tree that mature at the same time and in the same way, is showing itself to be what it is, a passe methodology that doesn’t address the needs or wants of 21st century citizens.

    Dr. Ann Voisin

  • Thought provoking to say the least. I am actually doing research on the new 3D teleconferencing systems – They are definitely going to be used in business, and then become mainstream I think.

  • peter jetter says:

    “established for the first time that online learning is more effective for delivering information than in-person face to face teaching.”
    That seems a rather generalized statement. I would assume there are strong dependencies. Eg. it might be true for lower levels of cognitive skills, yet i doubt it is true for “Evaluation” and “Synthesis”

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