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In conjunction with the Cambridge Centre for Applied Technology, Spice, the digital marketing consultancy, has developed the world’s first intelligent, automatic social media platform, The Social Media Intelligent Language Engine (SMILE).  Incorporating the latest in Artificial Intelligence research, heuristic social interaction theory, and machine/human intersemiosic doctrine, SMILE takes over your social engagement, freeing you up to continue your day-to-day business activities.

Using its revolutionary intelligence engine, SMILE observes your social interaction and, over time, learns to “behave” like you in the social networks; it learns to interact like you, engage like you, create like you.  Simply start using the platform to converse with people on Facebook, or Twitter, or any social network.  As you are doing this, the engine is learning your style, your personality, the way your mind works.  When it has assimilated enough information it can slowly take over your engagement, becoming “you” to the outside world. 

Not only will SMILE learn to be you, it will also learn your business and your industry, enabling it to create relevant, engaging blogposts with keyword-rich text for high quality SEO.

This isn’t simplistic spam auto-retweeting or newsfeed aggregation.  The Social Media Intelligent Language Engine platform employs breakthrough, patented (pending) technology designed to authentically replicate you and your interactions.

To download the FREE technical whitepaper go to: www.spice.co.uk/smile 
or email: [email protected]

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