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4 comments on “Why you should be coming to the London Blog Club tonight

  • Hi Murray, it was great meeting you tonight at the London Blog Club and I was very interested to hear your thoughts about blogging and the subjects we discussed around that. It was also great to know you have grown and developed your business to be a real success and good to hear how your blog has and is, really working for you! Keep up the excellent work and I hope we get to catch up again soon! Warmest regards – Steve

  • It definitely seems like the London Blog Club meeting was a great success. Thanks for pointing out the benefits of using LinkedIn to promote a blog. Social media has become so intertwined. Facebook and Twitter are also key tools for creating interest in a blog. I use twitter.com/LaJollaHomesPro in conjunction with my San Diego real estate blog. Much less effort on my LinkedIn profile at linkedin.com/in/geoffreyschiering I’m sure I could be doing more. Are some people able to customize their LinkedIn profile URL using keywords rather than their proper name?

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