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Adding a Facebook Page as part of your Social Media?

So you have set up a company facebook page and think “I will sit back and watch them flock to me”. It’s only like that in the movies amigos. But you have a site and this is start, a start to a site that you want to attract other people too and at the same time continue creating something interesting to be a part of.

 The reality is that you need to encourage people to come to your page; you need to give them a reason to engage with your brand. There are various ways to do this, below are a few examples of simple things that could help you attract more attention.

You can increase your fan base on your facebook page by thinking outside the box. Using simple tools, for instance you can add facebook links on your website address. This is a standard but something that gets overlooked.

Use your current database and get them to join via e-mail. You can either just have a link or you can elobrate on why they should join the facebook page. Make sure you keep it short and to the point given a good overview of what the site is all about.

Run competitions using all social media channels but linking it back to the facebook site to enter. This will increase traffic – should people want to enter the competition of course but a nice way to link the different types of media. You can also get people to comment on things, add things of interest for people to view and create talking points.

 Use the different applications that Facebook have to offer i.e. photos. Run campaigns where you get people using your product, tag customers, encourage a social network to form amongst your clients. Use your clients to connect to other networks for you. Think clever! You can also load videos, this is not my personal favourite but something that should be mentioned. Another application is the free facebook advert tool. It is really easy to set up and if you fill in all the data you really can access a key target market!

Link your page to your other social networks ie. Twitter. Make sure that when you do use traditional advertising that you are always linking it back to the web. Often you see clients offering a product and don’t even put their web address on the advert. This is a prime place for your customer to go and get additional information in the comfort of their office or home. 

Lianne du Toit

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