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Bagging – A type of Social Media

A new interesting site – BagTheWeb. It is a free site where you can organise, share and save content of weblinks easily by using “bags”.

A “bag” can collect any topic and be linked to other relevant bags. The idea is to create a bag from a specific chosen topic ie: recipe favourites and then create links to all your favourite recipes. Your bags and other people’s bags can be linked instead of you having to do all the work that someone else has already collated. The bag can be renamed, deleted or even reordered to suit you.

You need to install the “bag it bookmarklet” so that you can directly link all your new finds to your bags. One can also do it manually. This can be tedious at first as it would be awesome if it was already set up, but with all new things these things take time for adoption.

Why should you sign up? For one it is a new form of social media which is always fun to be a part of, you can still view all the information from people’s “bags” if you do not sign up but for any network to work it needs followers and leaders.  The advantage of “bagging” is that 1 topic will have many interesting links on that specific topic which can be rather useful and aids in you not having to go and do your own search for content on that particular subject.

It has a twitter feel but with a lot more content and links. It is relatively easy to set up, whether it will become a leader in social marketing – they still need to add links to other social media networks I think they still need to work out a few bugs but on the whole good luck and it will be interesting to see if the site takes off.

Lianne du Toit

3 comments on “Bagging – A type of Social Media

  • Bagging? It is really a whole new concept of social media.
    As a social network site, Facebook has gained big success around the world; As a successful micro-blogging site, Twitter is becoming more and more popular.
    So, if this concept can be accepeted by as many as people, I think it will get popular gradually.

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