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Blogging is awesome, it is informative, it is about unleashing your thoughts on the world the way you want to, which of course means it is not for everyone. So what makes a great blogger? Below are some guidelines:

It is not always possible, but use as much as your own content as possible. Discussing is one thing but copy and pasting someone else’s as your own is not cool. So if you do see something you like that you would like to mention, give the source credit.

Talk about things that you know a lot about. People that read your blog should feel that they are reading something by someone who is an authority. Research your posts; make sure you understand everything about that topic.

Leave the verbose talk for the English professor. Just because you understand something on a higher grade level because you deal with it every day, does not mean your reader get’s it. Make sure that you are talking in a language that is easy to follow and read.

Not everyone is going to have the same point of view. If you have beef with someone take it out the cyber arena for all to see.

Blogging is a great past-time and if you are passionate about sharing this is a great medium to use. Remember that you can be a cool cyber geek but don’t let it affect your off-line relationships. They are just as important.

So to sum up, blogging is awesome, not everyone’s cup of tea but if you enjoy it you should experience the gratification that comes with it. Happy Blogging.

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