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Facebook has more that 400 million active users and was founded in February 2004. Funny how spell check still tries to correct this social media platform’s name! Facebook users spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook, I am sure any employer would be happy with this type of dedication from their employees.

What makes Facebook so appealing? The fact that it is translated into 70 languages, you can keep a lot of friends, family and acquaintances up to date with what is happening in your life without having to engage with them directly? The constant add-ons and games perhaps? The quick interaction you can have and reconnections with people from your past? I think it has different facets for different people, whatever your use, it is a platform that has maintained its users and grows daily.

Facebook is being used more and more for business to business but even for business to internal staff. It is a great medium to assist larger corporations that don’t have an intranet engaged with its employees. Keeping the staff informed of events, promotions, additional benefits and pictures. It is also a portal for employees to be heard within the business. Often if the staff are heard and happy their engagement level with your clients can be felt!

For facebook to work in a business sense it is recommended that it should be an added social media tool not exclusively the offering platform. It should be kept fun, informative, interesting and interactive. One must realise that not everyone is going to engage with your product immediately. There is still nothing wrong with getting the word out there about your offering. Go forth and conquer the world, one social platform at a time.

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  • Hi Murray,
    You make a great point about companies conquering one platform at a time. There are too many examples littered about the internet and social sphere of initiatives started but not continued. Little do they know the impact that abandoned initiatives can have on their brand and employee engagement.

    Your advice is very good: Get good at spinning one plate first before you take on another.


  • FaceBook has become such a phenomena in todays internet crazy world it seems to now over take google in every aspect of internet usage this left us with one big question what will be the next big hit?.

  • Really I agree with your information because facebook is a leading social media network in the entire internet to satisfy the users in their own way and user friendly..

  • With the popularity of Facebook, more and more marketers have found the value of Facebook.
    These days, many business owners are running their own marketing campaigns on Facebook to promote their products or services.

  • Just be wary of Facebook’s information gathering… Not sure if you want to use it as a substitute to an intranet as the hoard all your info and sell it to the highest bidder when there’s a story to tell about your business.

  • according to the top 1000 of Googles list of largest websites, Facebook is nr1. They have over 500 million unique visitors every month. You can hardly understand such an amount of visitors.

  • Hello guys!

    i’m trying to add the facebook mobile application to my phone and once i press activate, it doesn’t do anything! has this happened to anyone else? or does anyone know why it’s not working?

  • Erniewright says:

    Facebook is the popular social networking site and use to connect with each other.

    Ernie Wright

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