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Tomorrow night in Cambridge learn ‘How to produce a Promotional video’
Presented by Jake Gordon and Dan Smith from allyearbooks.co.uk

I will be videoing it, as a blogger I make lots of videos and I am increasingly making videos for different productions so this is something I am very interested in. Below is what you can learn tomorrow night. I know Chris Brogan has lots but what are your tips? Do you have questions you would like me to talk?

– show the 3-4 minute “Mr Yearbookman” video
– talk through the entire process:
– initial meeting
– concepts/brainstorming
– story boarding
– hiring of equipment, planning shoots, getting props
– the actual shoot
– post-production editing, effects, music (this is the main creative focus!)
– putting it online, marketing it

Arts Picturehouse – THE BAR!
38-39 St. Andrews St
Cambridge 0871 704 2050


3 comments on “How to produce a Promotional video

  • Guys .I thought if you have a some meanful video you should spread it from faceboom,twitter my space etc…. .i thought its best way to spread it.try it.

  • Promotional videos are without a doubt a great way of increasing your exposure. Of course in order to do that, you really need to know good strategies to creating those videos. Otherwise you are just putting your business at risk and the end result might not be positive. I am definitely going to check out the presentation.

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