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IS your company ready for Social Media?

So you have been hearing about social media and all the hype, you have a facebook and twitter account in your personal capacity buy does that mean your company is ready for a social media strategy? Maybe not? Maybe it might need one but it is not ready to maintain a strategy that will put it on the map. Below are some signals that your company might not be ready for Social Media.

Social media is all about being social, it is something you either have and very hard to manufacture. It is something that needs constant attention, updating and on-going follow ups. You are not always going to like what other people have to say and you are going to have to deal with that head on or the consequences could be worse.

Social media is even more difficult to read because it doesn’t always come with a tone button. You need to be able to distinguish between what is real and what is virtual. You cannot take yourself too seriously and realise that not everything warrants a response but at least an acknowledgment that not everyone is going to agree with you.

Social Media is hard work, you have to be constantly updating, keeping people informed and following follow ups, it aint for sissies! You can’t have a half in and half out approach and see where it takes you; if you have 50% effort input you can expect 50% results. You have to be dedicated and realise that it is about creating relationships with your customers, customers that are not loyal and can change their opinion anytime that suits them.

Social Media can assist in creating a better bottom line but it is not the only tool. Using one medium ie facebook or twitter is not a strategy, it is a tool. Make sure that you know the difference between the tool and how to use it. Why you want to use it, how is it going to aid your brand? The last thing you need is to invest time and resources into a social marketing tool without knowing why you are doing it. That is just silly! How you use the tool is going to determine how you accomplish your goal of increasing your bottom line.

The reality is that companies that already have a social culture are probably going to do better in a social arena. As much as you need customers buy-in you also need staff buy-in.  There are so many facets to consider be sure that you have weighed up the pros and cons of social media for your specific company requirements. Go forth and conquer on and off line!

Lianne du Toit

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