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Nowism in the NOW

Social Media platforms are currently seen as the forefront runners in innovation for products and brands. It touches consumers directly and increases the interaction between a client and a product. However there is a distinct trend of nowism creeping in and is the likes of these platforms able to cope with the new trend we are starting to see?

Nowism is all about experiencing experiences in real-rime, tangibly creating the feelings excitement and gratification NOW. It is a constant search for instantaneous satisfaction.

Consumers want what they need and need what they want NOW. In the past something that took days is now taking minutes to fulfil. It is all about convenience. Everything is faster, everyone has to learn to multi-task from ordering on-line grocery shopping, overseas kindle buying, connecting with your kids via Facebook. The generation gap of how fast things are being completed is speeding up drastically.

So the brand that wants to target this “nowism” trend has to be comfortable to work in ordered chaos. It needs to continuously reinvent itself and take advantage of keeping its offerings in real time. The key is to stay unique in the offering and this is both related to online and offline.

For your brand to survive it needs to feed the need for the nowism consumer, the consumer that lives in real-time, expects instant satisfaction and expects it all from you today, right now, right here. I want to connect with you but will only do so if you fulfil my need NOW.

Just remember this is a trend and we never know how long it is here to stay but there is nothing wrong with trying to increase different facets of your service offering to keep up. It might add another dimension to how people see your brand. Remember the need is never new, the new ways to fulfil it are!

by Lianne du Toit

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