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Personal Branding and Social Media for Small Businesses

For any freelancer, entrepreneur or small business owner likely to be in London on the 27th of May – do not miss the Social Media and Personal Branding seminar Laurent Brouat and Jorgen Sundberg are putting on. It’s a three hour live and interactive session filled with case studies and practical how-to instructions.


Personal branding can certainly be a powerful tool for success in business. When you market your professional services as a one-man-band (or one-woman-band), you are effectively marketing yourself and having people buy into you. A strong personal brand will draw people and opportunities to you like a magnet; it’s both cheaper and more effective than any Yellow Pages listing. This workshop will equip you with the skills necessary to unleash the power of your personal brand across the social media landscape of today.

Workshop Details

The first part will be looking at your business goals and how you are positioned today, whether you have a strong online presence or not. This will be followed up with an exercise to uncover your unique promise of value and defining a personal brand statement aimed at your target audience. The business goals and brand will then be turned into an online strategy including social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) and focused blogging. This together with real life case studies will set you on the course to attracting more business online.

Who is Presenting?

Laurent Brouat is a career consultant and an expert in social networking. He delivers social media and networking seminars to professionals and businesses in the UK and Europe. Jorgen Sundberg is a personal branding expert and blogger. As well as presenting seminars and workshops, he coaches and trains business owners in the online side of personal branding. Their style of presenting has been well received by a variety of audiences, especially for the many live and interactive elements of the workshops.

Additional Information

Venue :

ESCP Europe – 527 Finchley Road
London NW3 7BG – Room G22
Tube station: Finchley Road or West Hampstead


– Thursday 27/05/2010 – 6.30 pm till 9.30 pm
– Price: £95
– Book your place today at Eventbrite

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