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Social Media Monitoring for your blog

I was recently at a talk by Tamara at the London Blog Club (next one on the 8th June). She does some great work with her analytics working out what works and what readers like. Developing content that readers like has been a huge part of the success of her blog. Then I read about PostRank on Mashable. If you are serious about blogging you should check it out.

 PostRank Analytics is a social media tool to capture social engagement and traditional metrics all in one place. It is as important to know what content of yours is being talked about out there on social media as driving views on your site. You need to know what content is creating viral conversation and if it works you should emulate that success, that way you will know what is winning content.

Learn more about viral social media on the 17th June at www.socialmediamarketing.co.uk/

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