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I often get asked by companies wanting to do blogging outreach, what should be offer bloggers? Here are some tips.

•An interview with your CEO.

 •Exclusive information.

•Get them a press pass to an event.

•Give them prizes to run a competition on their site and give to their audience.

•Do a post on your blog site as a list of top 10 bloggers in the field. Fame.

•An interview with them on your company blog.

•Quote them on your blog and link back to them.

•Quote them in your press releases.

5 comments on “8 Great Blogging Outreach Incentives

  • A great list of things, it’s also even better if you can guest post on other blogs as well as your own.

    Other possibilities could be:

    * Showing off new products
    * Demonstrations of new products
    * Small rewards for subscribers such as 5% off.

    Great post!

  • Depending on the popularity of the blog, the top 10 list may or may not be valuable, although it could be valuable to the company since the bloggers on the list will likely promote it.

    The biggest thing in blogger outreach, more than the incentives, is showing the blogger you have taken the time to look at their site and can prove that whatever you are offering the blogger is useful for their readers.

    BTW, thanks for joining the CommentLuv family!

  • i went through the tips you have provided here, these are really good. but, here i would like to add one thing that, when you are going to promote your website through blog marketing then you can take the help of free article content from free article directories. this method will save your valuable time, money and effort.

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