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Not all marketing and PR professionals can afford the time or the money to go to conferences and seminars. If you are self-employed or work for a smaller company, there just may not be the budget available. Thankfully the business community has realized this and now there are numerous webinars available online.

What, exactly, is a webinar?

Well, it is a web-based learning tool for businesses and individual. Basically you have access to the same information you would if you were to attend a seminar in person. You watch the webinar from the comfort of your office or your home. Depending on the webinar it can simply be a lecture, where an industry specialist talks to the audience about a certain topic, or it could be more interactive, with participants asking questions over the phone, through Skype or other webinar software.

There are so many PR and marketing webinar available that it can be hard to sift through to find the right ones. Below is a list of some of the best PR and marketing webinars currently available.

Live Webinar: Using Website Grader for Marketing Success – Submit Your URL for Live Website Optimization

This live weekly webinar offers tips and suggestions for making sure that the right people can find your website online. Several websites are chosen for review each week.

How to Use SEO for PR: Optimizing Your Messaging for Higher Returns

Offers an in-depth look at not only how to use SEO in terms of your company’s PR, but also the science behind SEO and how it works.

Leveraging the Next Wave of Social Networks for Your PR (They’re Under the Radar for Now – But not for Long)

This webinar takes you beyond Facebook and Twitter, exploring the next-gen of social media sites.

How to (Really) Use Twitter to Advance Your PR & Marketing Efforts

The dos and don’ts of using Twitter will be explained along with how to best use Twitter in order to help meet your company’s marketing and sales goals.

Develop a Social Media News Strategy for Your Company: Follow. Share. Post.

In this webinar you will learn what, exactly, social media is and how it differs from traditional media. You will also learn how to manoeuvre through social media and how to turn company information into social media news.

Increase Visibility and Searchability to Strengthen Your Brand: The Rules of Engagement

Besides tips on optimizing your company’s news releases in search engines, you will also learn about currents trends used in the creation of social media content.

How to (Really) Leverage YouTube for PR

As the name indicates, this webinar is all about YouTube. You will learn the basics like setting up an account and uploading videos while gaining an understanding of viral marketing and engaging with an audience.

Blogging and Social Media

Learn how to use social media to draw attention to your blog. Perfect strategies for integrating these two search-driven channels.

SEM, SEO & Online Writing Tactics to Increase ROI on Your PR Efforts

During this webinar you will learn how to create SEO and SEM strategies that are cost-effective. You will also explore all areas of SEM and SEO, including keyword search, link building, viral marketing and social media press releases.

Cision PR & Marketing Webinars On-Demand

Cision offers several top-notch on-demand webinars on social media, Twitter and PR marketing strategies, including:

  • Targeting the Media – Tips and help with maximizing your PR campaign and making sure that your press releases and other PR information stands out.
  • Walls Coming Down – Discusses ways to better use your communication by breaking down the walls between the professional and personal, traditional and non-traditional media relations and PR, marketing and customer service roles within your company.
  • The New Media Mix – Finding the perfect combination of traditional PR and social media for your business.

Signup is required, and then you can download one (or more) webinars for free.

Your Favorite Webinars

What are your favorite webinars and online resources for learning more about PR and marketing? Share your most useful information below.

About the Author: Vern learns everything he needs to know about many topics, including marketing, by interacting on a Q&A site similar to Yahoo Answers, but with less spam. 🙂

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