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We encourage serious bloggers – both those who are already established and those who are new but highly motivated to succeed – to apply for acceptance in our private blog collaboration known as the Secret Blog Club (SBC) by leaving a comment in this post.

UPDATE: When Murray’s blogs were hacked the forum stopped working and to date we have not found anyone who can fix the problem. We ARE still working on that and I will notify everyone when we get it working again.

I know how very busy everyone is and that there really is no time for yet another thing to do or community to join; however, the Secret Blog Club that Murray Newlands started has already taken off and is providing benefits to early members.

What we are doing is a combination of the blogging buddies concept popularized by Darren Rowse and Social Networking collaboration where members support each others’ efforts and visit related blogs regularly.

We also use the forum to teach best practices and the very best ways we can benefit each other. One of those is to work one-on-one with members to hone in on who their target audience is and how that audience would search for them. My post about building traffic through proper use of anchor text explains that process.

We also have a special section where we post recommendations for what we actually use (hosting companies, list managers, Themes, etc.) that includes member’s affiliate links so that other members can support those who assist them in making conscious decisions when buying anything that offers affiliate commissions – especially when they have recurring payments. Experienced members also assist in implementing what they recommend.

Members know that information in the forum is to be kept private between members and the content there is not indexed in the search engines or viewable publicly.

Some of our early members have strong sites from PR3 to PR6 and some have 20,000-30,000 followers at Twitter. Just having Murray link to a specific phrase for me from his blog immediately allowed me to make the first page of Google for the target phrase.

One of our most recent additions is a compilation of Blogs by Niche. Imagine the power of having multiple major bloggers with numerous blogs willing to provide related incoming links for your most important searches.  We will soon use this information to create niche regular guest blogging schedules that will be key to driving the member blogs under 30,000 at Alexa.

We have done our best within the limitations of using a forum to make it fast and easy to benefit. We are also actively seeking someone to create Social Media Marketing tools to make these processes faster.

Here is the kind of information we compile at SBC:

  • Blogs by Niche
  • Direct contact information
  • Preferred Anchor Text and Landing Pages
  • Recommendations on Hosting, Themes, Products and Services
  • How-to Information

If you would like to join please leave a comment in this post with a link to our primary blog and a valid email address. Your blog does not have to already be optimized – participating in SBC will assist you to do that much faster.

Any blog that offers quality content will be considered. Applicants will receive a reply via email with a link to join. If you have questions or are unable to comment contact GrowMap for further information or assistance.

58 comments on “Secret Blog Club (SBC) Private Blog Collaboration

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  • Hi Murray,

    I would love the opportunity to join SBC, I have been an affiliate marketer for sometime now and my new adventure is to teach beginners into the world of affiliate marketing how to get started in particular with social media, blogging and email marketing.

    I am extremely passionate about affiliate marketing so much so that I have just completed a 5 year degree in Diagnostic Radiography and I am putting that career option on hold to devote my time to something I truely enjoy doing.

    I have outsourced my blog design which is getting done as I type this and the content I intend to provide will be video content of both me in front of the camera in addition to screen capture tutorials. I have created the videos and I anticipate they will be up by Tuesday at the latest so I will have content on my blog at that time. I currently have approx 3000 “friends” on facebook (www.facebook.com/nicolecharles) all which are interested in affiliate marketing in addition to another 3000 twitter followers (www.twitter.com/tweetnicolec) again targeted followers at affiliate marketers. Although I have not promoted my own content as yet, I am always sharing relevant quality content from other trusted sources so I have built successful relationships so far and hope to continue with my own information.

    I hope you will consider me to be apart of your group. I follow many blog industry experts such as yourself, John Chow, Yaro Starak and Darren Rouse and I hope to emulate what they have achieved.

    Kind regards

  • I am interested in learning more. I have a large number of web properties available for trading links – both in content and blogroll, in a variety of niches. Thanks.

  • I am definitely interested in learning more about the Secret Blog Club. I am fairly new to all of this and being part of a group of people that are going through the same challenges would be a huge asset.

    Thank you.


  • I would also like the opportunity to join the SBC.

    I have a niche that plays on the hearts of people and even in this economic time allows people to spend money on their emotional trigger… their dog!

    Having studied internet marketing for awhile now, the creator and publisher of original articles to my blog, I’ve been looking to take it to the next level. Views, views, views, links to good blogs and more views is what I need.

    Always ready to learn more, passionate about what I do in the dog training world and in my blog world I hope to be a part of the SBC.

    Wag more!

  • Hello Murray,

    I’m a newbie in the blogging world. I have a typical day job which doesn’t pay much. I started blogging because I believe that I could make a side income on-line to augment my house bills. My blog primarily targets a very small and specific group of people such as my friends and former classmates.

    I met Andrew on-line and he recommended your site and he said that I should join communities such as this. I welcome this opportunity to join your group in order to learn more and improve my blog.


  • Hi Murray,
    I would be interested in learning more on how I can get involved with the SBC. Always open to opportunities to develop my blog and happy to help others where I can.


  • I started blogging in late Feb this year.
    The title is : Positive Spin – Helping you face life full on without fear-and feel great about it!

    I follow many sites to help, in fact Problogger just designed the ‘tag line’ above for free. They’re running a great ‘clinic’ at the moment.
    I would love to find as much help as I can, pointing me in the best direction for me.

    I hope you will accept this request to join.

  • I too would love to join this SBC! I sounds quite interesting.

    Creative Development and myself, have been blogging on and off for over 4 years now. We are a marketing agency based in Sydney and we create web designs and marketing strategies that have really taken off.

    I hope there is some way we can contribute.

  • Wow. What an amazing opportunity. I am passionate about my topic: all things lavender and have just set up my blog and I am starting to get traffic to my site and even some ppl leaving comments.
    Also persistent in wanting to see my blog become a successful business for me. I find the techie side of blogging the hardest but love writing articles and researching all areas of the lovely lavender.
    As I live in Australia, another concern has been sourcing products to sell. May have found 2 local sources plus want to use Amazon for my book products.
    Working hard to achieve success is not a problem for me. Just being able to learn from others and have help with getting my business off the ground would be such a great opportunity. This group sounds like it could be the answer to fulfilling my dream.
    Patricia Perth Australia
    all things lavender

  • I would also like the opportunity to join the club. I have always been a strong advocate of “blogging alliances” and this group sounds like a perfect fit. Thanks!

  • Hello,

    I am interested in joining the club because I have no direct contacts in the blogging community and am actively looking for realistic resources to increase my exposure. I think I can be of help to others as well as I am strong writer and, as you will see, put a lot of thought into my content. Miss Know It All is blog-magazine featuring the best shopping and lifestyle resources on the internet. We only post things you can buy or experience online and for that I believe we are truly unique.
    Melina Starr

  • It is so fortuitous that I found you and the SBC! I’ve had my blog for two years, on and off, and am in the process of “going big-time” as I like to call it. Please put me in for consideration to the club!
    (Even more awesome if you have a secret handshake. I loooove secret handshakes!)

  • Hi Murray
    I just checked my inbox and had an email but it had someone elses name on it! Hope that still means I’m in 🙂 Looking forward to learning and hopefully contributing to this community.
    Patricia Perth Australia
    all things lavender

  • Hi Patricia,

    The email would have either come from me or from Connie who is the other primary co-mod in the forum. You should be good to go.


  • Hey Gail,

    This is Tia (@bizchickblogs) and you directed me here on Twitter! I finally made it here tonight. I’m looking forward to being part of the club.


  • Oooh SBC…sounds so mysterious…brilliant idea, if the opportunity is still there, I’d love to be a part of this project. Looking forward to sharing and learning.

  • I am very interested in joining. Sounds like a great idea!

    My blog is StayOnSearch, an Internet Marketing blog that has been around for 2 years.

    Would love to contribute!

  • Hi
    I cannot find my email that you sent me that said I am in; so could I please be sent the link again. Sorry about this but I really would like to be part of this community. Thanks
    Patricia Perth Australia

  • Murray,

    Found your site by way of Tia. This sounds like a great idea and an awesome opportunity. I would love to be a part of the “club”.

    – Matthew DC (The SEO Sage)

  • Hi,

    I’d love to join, I run 9 blogs some more successful than others, but my newest and main blog that I’d like to get going is the one on my personal website (www.jamienorthrup.com). If you want to see the other blogs I run, check the portfolio there.


  • Nicole Staudinger says:

    I would greatly value the opportunity to take part in the Secret Blog Club. I am a newly-discovered social media addict and the Communications Specialist for a small nonprofit environmental justice clinic. I just launched our blog site, am passionate about sharing stories and experiences with others, and am excited to learn about myriad of possibilities a network such as this provides.

    The link to my organization’s blog is: http://jhill3clinic.wordpress.com/

    Please keep in mind it is in the very first stages. I plan on developing it much further when I have gained the resources. Thank you!

  • Yea,

    I saw this as a RT on Twitter and it caught my eye. Then after reading about SBC my curiosity gave way to keen interest indeed. I would be very much interested in participating in you are offering here. I would appreciate the opportunity to participate in this effort.

    And I would like to close by saying Yea, for well articulated positions that exceed the 140 character limit!


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