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Announcing Social Media Advertising UK London

Monday 20th September
9:00am – 5:30pm

Social Media Advertising will bring together social media companies, marketers and brands to discuss the latest tools and techniques for running effective social media advertising campaigns.

This one day conference offers expert-led guidance on how to engage with customers via advertising and promoted content in social media, including tips on how to maximize the impact of your campaigns, insights into new tools and services, how to monitor and measure the results, and trends to watch out for. We will explore how social media advertising can be combined with “earned media” and “sponsored conversations” to enhance results. This is the ultimate event for anyone interested in social media advertising.

“Together, earned and paid media are far more effective when the programs are humanized. The difference between social network advertising and marketing and traditional online campaigns are the ecosystems where engagement is fostered” – Brian Solis

Find out more information here http://socialmediamarketing.co.uk/socialadvertisinglondon/ or subscribe to my blog for big discounts!

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