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Use Knowem to Claim Your Username Across All Social Media Networks

There are so many Social Media Networks that one of the first questions businesses need to answer when they first start doing Social Networking is where to start. It is not immediately obvious which are most important.

It is far more effective to be consistently active on one or two sites than to spread yourself too thin trying to be on all of them. One excellent strategy is to claim your usual UserName on at least the major networks and ideally all of them using a tool such as KnowEm to claim your Social Networking usernames across 400+ communities.

Twitter and Facebook are the big dogs in this hunt but YouTube may be the most powerful for you – especially if you are adept at making videos. We are providing this survey to assist everyone interested in using Social Networks effectively to know where to start.

We hope you will take the time to add your voice to this poll. These are the Social Networks that are most commonly mentioned but there could be others specific to your niche. What you share here will benefit others and increase your following.

Want some details on how to best use these common Social Media Communities?

How to Use Social Media

12 comments on “Which Social Networks Are Most Important to YOU?

  • Hi Gail, I like the site you linked to called KnowEm. It’s pretty cool to learn I’ve claimed my common user name with most of the networks I’m interested in. But I also discovered a few new ones to look into. Twitter and BloggerLuv are my primary social networks but YouTube also plays an important role in helping establish branding and authority.
    Thanks for the poll and the link.

  • Hi Ileane,

    For those who can afford it paying to claim all your names is really worth it and those who choose not to can use the comprehensive information on KnowEm’s site to manually claim their user name on at least the sites they feel are most important. (They list about 400 so claiming them all would take a very long time!)

    For those who aren’t clear why that is so important it is simply this: if you use a consistent username people like me will ad @username to Tweets for you and connect with you and support your efforts wherever we find you – but – if you have different usernames on different sites we’ll never remember them all and if we have to look them up when we are really busy you won’t get as much support.

  • This doesn’t give us more more of a different view to what we already know?

    We use Twitter as it is a a great way of reaching out to the email marketing community, as with all internet-based industry it is highly populated by people sharing information and networking.

    I am suprised Google Buzz got two votes….

    Good survey, thanks for setting up and sharing.

  • Nice informative post. For me I would prefer Facebook andTwitter, this are the most popular social networking sites. I don’t even know a friend who doesn’t have a Facebook or a Twitter. Thanks for sharing this.

  • I started social networking on Friendster, how come it isn’t on the list? But now, I shifted to facebook because I like the cool apps the site has. I like the chat feature of facebook and I use this everytime I go online. A lot of my friends use facebook so that is why I stick to it. =D

  • Wow! Facebook and Twitter are in a head-to-head race for social network domination. haha. If you ask me, I’ll go for facebook. I like facebook because it has so many apps which could get you entertained after you’re done checking out messages, wallposts and updates from friends.

  • Why isn’t friendster on the list? Friendster is the first social site that I ever registered to. I think Friendster can’t match up with the apps and services that are available to these other social sites. As of now, I really enjoy using facebook and it’s not hard to believe that facebook will soon conquer the world of social sites.

  • For me I would prefer facebook. As said in the previous comments it has a lot of applications that you could use. Although twitter is better when it comes to instant messaging but there are so many things that you can explore in facebook that you couldn’t find in twitter.

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