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Exclusive Google Instant Launch Party Videos with Ben Gomes & Jonathan Effrat

Last night I was lucky enough to get to go the Google Instant launch party. I got to interview Ben Gomes & Jonathan Effrat, two of the key people behind the new product. On the record and off the record what did I learn? The team are a hard working group of geeks just trying to bring out the best products they can for consumers. Yes they have done some testing but until we all use it, guess what, they do not know how it is all going to pan out either! According to one insider they have tested the system and just as many people type longer strings than are suggested to them as use the suggestions. Google trends was also hit by people playing with the system and typing in single letter searches but this is expected to normalise in the next couple of months. I would like to thank Nathan Tyler and his team for putting on the event and allowing me access for the interviews.

Ben Gomes

Jonathan Effrat

PS YES they are working on adding it to Google Mobile