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If you are logged into a Google account you may have noticed a change to Google search that they call Google Instant. If you haven’t seen it yet, this short video shows how it works:

There will be a lot of Buzz and even more speculation on how Google Instant will affect SEO. The first question, though, is how do users like it?

Since it is brand new and we know that many have opinions we’re taking a quick poll and asking for to leave your thoughts in the comments.

We’ll be doing a roundup of posted opinions about how this change will affect Internet users and SEO so leave links to include (either your own or any you find that you consider interesting or notable) in the comments too.


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9 comments on “How Do YOU Like the NEW Google Instant?

  • It will be very interesting to see how Google Instant will affect SEO. I would think that it’s going to cut back the amount of key words an article might rank for because it’s a lot more specific.

  • It will be really interesting to see how this affects SEO and other search marketing programs. Lots of differing opinions being posted out there ranging from it being a death blow to SEO to having very little impact. I think it will have some impact, but marketers will learn to adapt as they always do when the playing field changes.

  • I agree Tom that there will be changes. What I personally keep hoping is that Internet users will dig deeper into results to find what they want – or even better – use alternative search engines.

  • Welcome Tiki,

    It is possible that there could be an unintended result. Perhaps if Internet users see fewer choices they will learn to do more searches and look at more results.

    Predicting what will happen will never be as accurate as waiting to see what the impact will be.

  • I am not sure If i like it or not to tell you the truth. I am leaning more towards not it is kind of annoying if you ask me. People are getting too lazy to even type the whole word into the search bar lol. I tried hotmail and it was already logging me in before I even had it spelled out. It does save time I have to give it a little more time before I make my final verdict. Good topic!

  • There are many issues and discussions about SEO. One wold say that the best thing is this and that and the other has the idea that we will do this in the contrary of the former. I guess there are so many aspects in SEO. How we approach this depends on how google evaluates our sites and our links. If google will change its evaluations, SEO could very wll adapt. But let’s see.

  • Time will tell how people will change their search habits with Google instant. I think there won’t be to much affect in the way SEO is done but I am seeing articles on why it will kill SEO I just don’t understand that concept SEO will always be around.

  • I am not a fan of Google Instant. Too much going on while I’m just trying to type- I don’t want the screen to move while I’m typing. It’s not that long to wait until I finish typing a whole word to see my search results. I’m one who’s turned it off already.

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