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Stay on Search Free Internet Marketing CourseThere are so many Internet Marketing Strategy ebooks and courses and subscription sites it becomes challenging to know which are worthwhile.

For the entire fifteen years I have been online, Internet “gurus” have been teaching that the path to making more money is to create your own products – even if their followers have no real experience to share.

The interest in having something to sell has lead to a lot of either fluff or repeated advice that may be so old as to be worse than none at all and to many who aspire to earning a living online to buy ebook after ebook and join site after site – never actually finding the answers they seek.

So how is an aspiring Internet Marketer to know who to believe?

I have three criterion that guide me:

  1. Only someone who already knows a subject thoroughly is truly in a position to know whether the author knows what they’re talking about or not.
  2. Does the person making the recommendation have a history of touting every new ebook and subscription site to come down the pike? (If they do, buyer beware because they may be one of the “anything for a buck” marketers.)
  3. Every person whose advise I will follow must have the same ethical standards as I do. I don’t read bloggers who teach black-hat strategies because you never know when their latest idea will get you banned or cost you money.

In this case, those of us who know the quality of content and high standards Stay on Search Marketing exhibits and had existing relationships with them were given full access prior to launch to evaluate this course.

My honest opinion is that there is more substance packed into the 67 pages of their new Internet Marketing Training Course than I believe I have ever seen in any other course of any length at any price. Leave it to Mark to give it away so more can benefit.

I was so impressed that I asked permission to send it on to Ron Cripps, my most trusted Affiliate Marketing Expert. Ron has purchased far more courses of this type over the years than anyone I know. We are chatting as I write this.

(02:15:37 AM) GrowMap: Have you seen many courses as comprehensive as this one Mark sent us?
(02:15:51 AM) Ron Cripps: no it is very good
(02:16:15 AM) GrowMap: Have you seen any you paid for that were better?
(02:16:28 AM) Ron Cripps: no I haven’t

There you have it. This free course is better than any either of us has seen at any price.  It will not make you rich or famous overnight or teach you everything you need to know, but it will be a concise guide to the big picture and specific skills required for success.


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