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Staying connected is what it is all about these days. With social networking websites among the most visited on the web, keeping in touch both professionally as well as socially really isn’t an option anymore. The creators of the iPad definitely had this in mind when they developed this outstanding little gadget.

One of the beautiful things about the Apple iPad is that it is all operated on a touch screen. This means that all the applications are right there, just waiting for your touch to bring them to life. And there really are an amazing number of options for applications from games through to cool musical applications, weather information and literally everything in between. While some applications are free and some are nominally priced, they can all be a perfect addition to any iPad.

The following are iPad applications that really will help you stay in touch, no matter what social media or website outlets you prefer. These can come in quite handy if you are traveling frequently to miscellaneous social media conferences and other trade show events.

1. Twitterific – this is a cool app that really makes your iPad into a total Twitter site. Unlike using a basic browser, everything is right there at your finger tips for easy browsing and navigation. It comes with a built in browser that allows you to simply click on a URL within any Tweet that pops up on the screen for easy viewing and access. Your original Tweet is still there of course, just close the pop up browser and continue.

2. Wikipanion – a free app, this is one that anyone that is determined to be as accurate as possible in their communication really needs to consider. It contains all the information of the Wikipedia but in a handy and instant access mode right from the iPad. There is also an application available for a monthly fee which allows you to download and read information offline. However, just getting the basics is great with the free version.

3. Sundry Notes – for those that love to keep records including sketches, schematics and just simple notes this is a must have app. It is quick to download and can even handle PDF’s downloaded from your computer.

4. Air Video – while not a free app, it is just a measly $2.99 per month and allows you to watch Flash videos and other streaming videos from your computer to your iPad. This app deals with the awkward limitations of the iPad with regards to some video services.

5. Netflix – where doesn’t Netflix exist? This instant download site can now be right at your fingertips on your iPad, perfect for those long flights or finding out what all the buzz is about the latest movies, televisions shows or entertainment features. You can watch instantly which is also nice. The only drawback is it currently only works in the US.

6. NBA and MLB – if you are a sports fan that likes to stay on top of the latest scores, stats and player information then these iPad apps are a must. ESPN also has their own app, which definitely keeps the information coming.

7. ETrade Mobile Pro – a great application for those that play the stock market or just want to keep up on what their investments are doing. All the graphs, tickers and information on the site are in real time, an essential consideration for anyone planning investments.

8. Glee – based on the popular television show, the Glee app offers you the chance to sing along in harmony to all your favorites. This app also allows you to connect your musical productions through your Facebook and Twitter accounts, should you be so brave.

9. Twitter and Facebook – of course no social networking list of apps wouldn’t be complete without these traditional favorites.

10. The Weather Channel – staying on top of local and national weather is important in any aspect of social media. This application is simple to use and with the large iPad screen is very easy to use and view.

Staying in touch with the different iPad apps is a lot of fun, whether it is for social media, business, or pleasure. What apps would your recommend to keep connected?

Vern enjoys tinkering around with his iPad and checking out all of the new innovations iPad app developers have to offer.

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