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Crushed by Spam

Image Credit Hudson Horizons

Heads up bloggers! When you find real posts in the spam section of WordPress watch where they go when you click not-spam.

I have confirmed that some comments are moved from not-spam into pending but others are moved from not-spam into trash.

There is no telling how many comments bloggers thought they approved ended up in trash and got deleted.

When clicking not-spam on comments moves them to the trash instead of pending you have to click restore to get them to go to pending and then click approve. Instead of one click you need three clicks to approve each affected comment.

The most logical explanation is that there must be two spammer lists people can end up on.

I have seen that behavior in more than one blog so it may affect other versions of WP and/or Akismet. This blog is running WordPress 3.0 and using Akismet 2.3.0.

There are new versions of both WordPress and Akismet; however, upgrading to WordPress 3.0 has been problematic.

Search Friendly Web Design ran into unexpected challenges upgrading my GrowMap blog to 3.0 and upgrading caused Ron’s Affiliate Marketing blog to be down until he disabled many plugins as a workaround.

When you upgrade to 3.0 be sure you have a tested backup and plenty of time in case you run into problems.

If you aren’t a WordPress Ninja, you may even want to line up some assistance just in case. If you don’t know anyone personally, consider joining our blog collaborations. We help each other in many ways including tech support.

Clicking not-spam sent comments from these commentators into trash:

If you are listed below you may wish to find out if Akismet has you flagged as a spammer.  That post includes how to contact Akismet to request you be unflagged.

Jason – Affilorama ~ affilorama.com/blog

Online Affiliate Marketing ~ jaysonlinereviews.com

commercial printing ~ printmyemotions.com/

press release distribution ~ pr2go.com

Sam Abraham ~ actionly.com

Alexis Jackson ~ heelsabove.com

Call Center Outsource ~ kpo.com

Las vegas wedding venues ~ las-vegas.perfectweddingguide.com/all/wedding-cel…

proform coupons ~ proform-coupons.com

Clicking not-spam sent comments from these sites into pending:

Cindi @ Moomette’s Magnificents ~ moomettesmagnificents.com/blog

Alexis Jackson ~ heelsabove.com

Jason @ Affiliate Marketing Blog ~ affilorama.com/blog

I have the email addresses (removed to protect the privacy of the commentators and to prevent spammers from scraping them) and IP addresses saved and can provide them on request if Automattic, WordPress or Akismet would like them.

5 comments on “WordPress 3.0 with Akismet 2.3.0 Moves Not-Spam Comments to Trash Instead of Pending

  • Hi James,

    WordPress is acting very strangely today. Just tried to move a trackback from spam to approved and it turned red and didn’t move at all.

    Any time comments turn red something didn’t happen. I’ve seen that in multiple blogs lately too but don’t remember which ones at what WP level.

    By the way I don’t use Akismet in any of my own blogs any more and as soon as testing confirms our new anti-spam plugin is good to go I hope Murray wants it installed in all his too.

    You can help use test it at the link I’ll put in CommentLuv.

  • Hi Steve,

    I’ve seen it in multiple blogs so I know it is not just this blog. I don’t write about any issue until I can both reproduce it consistently and see the failure on multiple sites.

    This blog doesn’t have KeywordLuv installed but mine all do. That may be something Murray will consider later too.

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