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The days of auto blogging are not finished yet… however simply putting up a blog so you can make cash fast and on autopilot are well past and will never return…

Auto BloggingOver the past two years there have been virtually millions of blogs created for one simple reason, to create additional income from the internet. One such method that was used is “Auto Blogging” and it is starting to get very popular with many of the fortune seekers online…

What I will say right now so it is very clear to all… The internet gold rush is over, where you could simply throw some text on a blog site and start making money from just about any niche market you like, it just does not happen any more.

However there has been a shift into what is called auto blogging where you can place your blog on virtual autopilot and make money. So the question is, do these Auto Blogging programs work?

To answer this question honestly I would have to say “NO”, with nothing more than scraped content from sites like EzineArticles, RSS feeds,Video from Youtube and some of these systems allowing you to grab content from Yahoo Answers.

And for the unfortunate marketer who believed the hype and big claims of these people selling their auto blogging programs, there was nothing but disappointment all round.

Auto Blogging Had Lost Its Effectiveness

And to prove a point on this, just look at the forums online that are talking about auto blogging and you will see what I mean. These programs were offered with out any real substance or support to those that got involved, so they were simply left to fend for themselves until it all failed. Especially when the search engines started to change to defeat this form of blogging and they were very effective in doing so.

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Auto Blogging Had To Evolve

What needed to happen to make auto blogging viable for all those involved was that the tools and resources had to evolve with the search engines. You could no longer rely on the quick links from social bookmarking sites or using reciprocal links which were really no more than link farms.

Then you look at the blog itself only to find that they were nothing more than “Spam Blogs” which offer no value to the reader at all.

Auto blogging had to change in not only supply of unique quality content but in the way they were using links both inbound and internally to manage the blog. Even pinging your blogs over time has needed to change, simply because the methods they thought were effective were simply getting them banned from the search engines.

So Has Auto Blogging Evolved Enough

Well if you listen to these two marketers it has, Jason Katzenback and Jason Potash are about to release a new auto blogging system which has been named the “Blog Blueprint” where you can actually get access to the tools if you are looking at getting involved with auto blogging as your online marketing strategy.

It is a course divided into seven modules with pdf e-books and videos to compliment each of the modules as well as some of their most powerful tools that they have used to market online over the last five years.

Will this course be successful? Will it help people make it online with their blog? Only time will tell… However, you might want to get their free report on blogging mistakes because this report will show you what mistakes to avoid whether you are a auto blogger or not. See Top 13 Auto Blogging Blunders.

7 comments on “Auto Blogging: Is It Right For Your Business?

  • Yes I would have to agree with you on this, as this has been my experience withe auto blogging so far. And one of the biggest mistakes these auto blogging sites make is adding Adsense to the content and then running their auto scripts…

    This gets identified very quickly and as you said the site is de-indexed and your Adsense account is canceled.

    I have however had dealings with Jason Potash in the past and everything he has released so far has been very high quality.

  • I am also not a big fan of auto blogging and it seems that it has been hit quite hard by the google and it really needed that because of the fact that those who are doing hard work doesn’t paid off well as compared to those who have an auto pilot in their blogs. So i am with the google at this issue. Thanks for the post….

  • I can see the temptation of auto-blogging but there are definite risks as everyone here has identified. I don’t think it’s ‘evolved’ enough yet to be worth the risk so far.

  • Guess I’m another one that agrees with the misconceptions of autoblogging. I’ve tried my hand at it in the past and my blogs bombed, big time. Was so disappointed that I fell for that but it was another lesson learned.

    Thanks for your clarification of this process. I know for a fact I won’t be purchasing any autoblogging courses in the future.


  • It seems that all the information and comments say that autoblogging no longer works. I have been trying to absorb all the information out there and this is the conclusion I have reached. I won’t be attempting this myself.

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