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Cirque du soleil Viva ELVIS

While I was at BlogWorld recently I was part of a blogging outreach campaign by Cirque du soleil. I would like to thank Jamie Helmick for hooking me up with the tickets. You did not know I am was an Elvis fan? I am not. My friend HeatherinBC is an Elivis fan and that was the show she wanted to see, so we went together. If you want to connect with bloggers getting them to your event is a great way of doing it.

So what was it like? Heather LOVED IT. If you are an Elvis fan or of that age group then you will love this show. Looking round the room at the end of the night and watching the audience standing and dancing with the music told me she was not alone. I was one of the younger members of the audience so maybe I was not the target audience and for me it was a good night out but not really my thing. It was entertaining but for me Cirque du soleil O is a much better night out.

Thank you Jamie and Cirque du soleil


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