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Fraudlogix LogoFraudlogix was recently singled out as an Online Advertising and Affiliate Marketing industry “game-changer” for their ground-breaking success in helping advertisers and merchants detect affiliate fraud. Fraudlogix aims to provide the necessary tools and education to help the industry win the fight against fraud.

Fraudlogix is different from lead verification companies like Targus and Lead Verifier because it is specifically designed to catch affiliate fraud for merchants.

Most fraud prevention systems available today are based on data verification alone. The major drawback of the these types of systems is that they don’t catch the most common type of fraud – when fraudsters use real people’s information when they fill out bogus leads, forms or even make a credit card purchase on the merchant’s site.

At FraudLogix, data verification is just one part of an elaborate system of data matching processes, proprietary algorithms and compiled data infrastructures that are used to ensure fraud is caught.

Find out more on the FraudLogix web site, contact FraudLogix, or visit their adtech new york exhibit. There is also an interview with the founder of FraudLogix.

5 comments on “Fraudlogix: Advanced Fraud Protection for Merchant Affiliate Programs

  • Don’t have a good feeling about them, it’s not very clear…
    Read this: http: // www .articlesbase. com/social-marketing-articles/affilaite-fraud-company-fraudlogix-fails-fraud-test-3448365.html

  • Hi John,

    I read that article before I wrote the posts about FraudLogix. The points they make contain a very common flaw in logic. You can not assume that because one group of people (fraudulent companies) do something that all people who do that are frauds.

    If you argue for that idea, then you would say since con artists use Twitter everyone who uses Twitter is a con artist. We all know that is untrue.

    There are some very good reasons legitimate companies use anonymous domain registrations. Many Web Designers are the ones doing the registering and they get tired of all the cold calls and email solicitations they get from the data in whois or they feel it is appropriate to protect their clients’ privacy – especially when the client is a new startup. Probably because of that article I noticed that FraudLogix has updated their registration.

    While traditional businesses always had a physical office that is no longer true. It is more environmentally friendly to work from home and if you want to work with the very best they often dictate where they will work because what really counts is results – not commuting to a cubicle.

    Even the most ethical bloggers and ecommerce store owners I know are cautious about putting their home addresses on their Web sites because there ARE dangerous people. This company offers a solution that could cost some less than savory characters an enormous amount of money. Wisdom dictates that if you work from home you don’t want to have some vindictive type know where you are sleeping.

  • Thank you for the post. I am fighting with fraud affiliates every day – banning IP ranges, countries, deny free e-mail accounts, free domains – hell they come up with something new every day!
    I will surely look into this!

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