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With all the advances in blogging, the latest stage of development is video blogging or vlogging.

This takes blog post and pages to a completely new level – especially for marketers and affiliates – beyond the static text-based type, or even posts with some photos and other graphics into a much more dynamic and immediate realm.

Blog posts and pages come alive in a completely different way, and establish the blogger as not only an intermediary but also as an expert in the selected niche.

What Is Video Blogging

With a video blog entry, your actual means of interacting with your visitors is the video itself rather than the written word – although text will label or augment what the viewer sees, and can certainly be used within the video itself.

However in many ways, this type of video blog functions the same as one that is mainly text-based.

The video is viewable on a standard blog post or page, which can be updated regularly, and still involves the author choosing what information or opinions to convey. The structure on the blog is also the same, with viewers given space for comments and interaction. All you have done is add an interactive video onto the post.

Anybody Can Start Video Blogging

Some may already have the right tools to start video blogging, such as digital camera or camcorder, but might still be uncertain as to whether or not they have the expertise to try video blogging. They don’t need to worry, because blogging software has been created just for them called easy video player 2.0, in the same way that blog hosting sites created software for text-based blogs.

There is a difference between creating a text based blog and a video blog, so to be honest there are going to be some issues to setting up a blog for this type of medium. Simply capturing and storing the video clips can use up many of your available resources. The video camera needs to be good enough to create quality video that won’t embarrass the creator (or, for that matter, anyone that is watching it).

Presumably the blogger will want to keep a copy of anything that is uploaded to the blog. To do this you will need available storage space you can access easily. The easiest way is by backing up your blog each week.

You Need Suitable Storage For Video Blogging

Since video files can be large, they may create issues between the blogger and their Internet service provider. You can use up a lot of your bandwidth limit when uploading videos to your blog, and some ISPs do not like this high demand on their networks and subsequently put limits on people’s bandwidth usage.

You can also have issues with storage and bandwidth usage issues when it comes to your hosting company, so you may need to look at a service such as Amazon S3.

Video Blogging Will Continue To Grow At A Fast Rate

Video blogging is still in its infancy and will undoubtedly continue to grow in a big way for a few years yet. Educators in particular have begun recognizing the value of using a blog with video clips in teaching their students, or using such blogs for classroom projects.

Bloggers who are looking for effective presentation can even create video blogs for their personal portfolios. This sort of blog provides richer content for the blog readers, viewers and the blog author alike, increasing communication possibilities beyond what was available before.

If you are looking to grow your customer base, add subscribers, or even sell products online such as diamond engagement rings then you really need to consider adding video to your wordpress blog today… If you already have skills in adding video to your blog then the next level in your evolution should be to get Easy Video Player 2.0 so you can have much more interaction with your readers. Easy Video Player allows them to opt-in to your newsletter or purchase products simply by watching the video presentation on your blog.

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