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Monitoring Social Media Nov 22 2010 London #MSM10Influence People’s powerful International Monitoring Social Media event hits London on November 22, 2010. If you are across the pond or missed the U.S. events and have always wanted to visit London here is your chance.

“The event is currently touring around the country and I highly recommend it. It’s one of the only, or the only, event of its kind with concentrated focus on social media monitoring.” ~ Ken Polson, Product Marketing Manager, Marchex

Small businesses will be particularly interested because there are presentations and tools specifically focused on measuring and monitoring Social Media for small business.

As Mark Schmulen of Constant Contact points out, many of the tools for monitoring social media have been designed “by Geeks for Geeks”, or for Enterprise clients with a full time marketing team. But small business owners have different objectives and metrics for success. Most importantly, they have very little time in the day to devote to social media marketing. In his session, Mark will share how small businesses can effectively leverage and measure their social media marketing efforts without having to waste a lot of time.

Businesses of all sizes need brand monitoring tools such as the ones Brandwatch will be exhibiting while International businesses will be very interested in Synthesio’s Web monitoring tools.

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Did you know you there are tax deductions available for attending business events? This post explains how you can combine a business trip and legally make your UK or Paris vacation a tax write-off.

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