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What do attendees have to say about Influence People’s Monitoring Social Media events?

“We were both impressed and surprised by the quality of the speakers and the information presented at the event. Sometimes you go to these events and hear nothing but a sales pitch. This conference happily, wasn’t that.”  ~ Two of us from E3 European Agency Network … lucky enough to attend a Monitoring Social Media event presented by Influence People in Boston. ~

You can read more of their excellent review from an attendees perspective in their Insights from Monitoring Social Media Conference in their E3 European Agency Network blog.

Attendees have also written some excellent reviews of Social Media Monitoring solutions offered by speakers:

Social Media Monitoring EventsThe New York Social Media event November 4-5, 2010 is the last event scheduled in the United States this year.

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Busy those dates? There are additional events this year in London and Paris. Did you know you there are tax deductions available for attending business events. This post explains how you can combine a business trip and legally make your vacation a tax write-off.

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