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So as you will know if you are a regular reader I have had some problems with my website and hosting company Hostgator.

Hostgator have turned out to be a very poor company when it comes to customer support.

Anyway I am trying to fix the problem and the new theme is part of trying to get to the right solution. The old and better theme will be back as soon as possible.
I would love to hear from someone who is a wordpress expert who can help!


2 comments on “New Look blog

  • Hi,
    I’m no expert but Ifeel some of your pain and just wanted to sympathize. I just migrated my blogger blog over to word press and using Blue Host. So now trying to work out all the kinks and get it set up the way I want. GOOD LUCK!

  • Hey Murray…

    I have had the same issues with my wordpress site, and the same as you i thought it was either a theme or plugin problem…

    I was wrong on both counts after more than two weeks of trying to figure this server load out.

    Once or twice a day yahoo bots were hitting my sites and not just one or two but hundreds at the same time all trying to index the homepage or some post on my site over and over again.

    What this did was start using memory on my server until it would just shut down. The solution for me was to have my hosting company which is hostgator block those yahoo spiders by Ip address and I have also added a time delay in my robots txt file.

    User-agent: Slurp
    Crawl-delay: 1500

    Hope this gives you some more insight into why you were having these problems.

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