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Headline Shirts Holiday Gift Finder

I think we can all use a little help with Christmas shopping. When Scott asked me to be part of the Social Underground and take the Holiday Gift Finder quiz, I said sure. Actually, I let him take the quiz for me, since the idea is you answer funny questions about your friends or family, and the quiz suggests some shirts they’d like.

Next thing I know, he brings me the “Undocumented Migrants” one I’ve got on in the picture…

The company lives up to their billing as selling intelligently funny t shirts. There’s one for all of us social media lovers with Samuel L. Jackson daring you to “Say Tweet Again…” a la Pulp Fiction, and one showing a Kangroo with wings that reads: “I like Wikipedia because it lets me make things up.” You get the idea.

If you’ve got a few minutes to kill and you enjoy a good laugh, check out their Holiday Gift Finder quiz. Happy Holidays!

2 comments on “Christmas Shopping with Headline Shirts and the Holiday Gift Finder

  • Haha, this site is incredible! Whoever made the”Caffeine IS A Hell Of A Drug” t-shirt with Rick James emblazoned on the front is a genius! Just asked my girlfriend to order it for me for Christmas. Happy Holidays Murray!

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