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Did anyone else notice that FeedBurner has stopped showing our FriendFeed subscribers as of January 11 and on every day since then until at least today January 15? FeedBurner dropped FriendFeed subscribers back in September 2009 but they came back and FeedBurner blamed FriendFeed. Has anyone seen anything recent about whether this is just one more glitch or a permanent change?

I have intended to switch all of my blogs over to FeedBlitz and away from FeedBurner for a long time now. FeedBlitz is an alternative to FeedBurner that has so many features and Social Media and email marketing already built in. The only drawback is the learning curve and I just haven’t made the time to really did into how to use it.

Phil Hollows of Feedblitz

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Web-WorkatHome wrote a review in which they say FeedBlitz Vs FeedBurner: No Contest. FeedBlitz can also be used in place of AWeber so if you don’t already use an email list building service or are considering switching be sure to check into FeedBlitz first.

We have Phil Hollows of FeedBlitz to thank for encouraging Andy at CommentLuv to write our GrowMap anti-spambot plugin that has made so many bloggers’ and commentators’ lives more productive.

If you’re curious about FeedBlitz start with this video, tour and 30 day free trial on How to Use FeedBlitz:

If you use FeedBlitz and have reviews, how-to posts or videos about it please feel free to leave them in the comments and I will move them up into the body of this post. If you have preferred anchor text and a landing page let me know that too.

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  • Thank you for this very informative post. It’s a situation that few knows, only gurus like you. Anyway thanks again for informing us. This is useful.

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