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It is no secret that citizens in the UK have been more wary of the country’s financial situation and many have started to look around to find the best way to look after their own money. This is an important change to note, as more businesses are getting less reluctant when it comes to making long term commitments.

This change in behaviour has brought forth a very important observation: not all changes have to be large to be meaningful. Instead, small businesses are discovering that small changes can often lead to big differences, positive upheaval, new ventures, and the discovery of new markets.

In celebration of these small changes in business, T-Mobile is launching a competition with a first place prize of £2K. To enter, simply tell T-Mobile in 140 characters what positive changes you could make to your business with the cash prize.

Each entry will go live on the site, giving proud owners not only a chance to promote their business – but also as a way of sharing the different ideas within the small business community.

Why wait? It’s time to start thinking about how you would spend £2,000 to make a valuable change to your small business. Is it to buy new equipment? Do more marketing? Invest in your training program? Or just buy your team a much-needed holiday?

Visit www.t-mobile.co.uk/smallbusinesschange  to share your ideas.

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