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Successful Content Monetization – please vote for my Affiliate Summit session

I submitted a session of the up coming Affiliate Summit conference in New York. They have a voting system to chose which sessions should be given. You can vote here http://www.affiliatesummit.info/vote/successful-content-monetization

I have given this talk only twice before, once at VigLink here is what they had to say

Murray did a great job boiling it down to the bare essentials.

A few of the key takeaways…

“Create content around topics you are interested in.”

This should be a no brainer (why would you want to spend your days creating content around something you find dull?), but you’d be surprised at the outset how often people pick a topic to write about only to find that they are exhausted by it within a matter of weeks.  If the author is feeling content fatigue the reader will surely be able to pick up on the feeling.  And the result will most definitely not be an engaged audience and a revenue stream. Also, picking a topic you are interested in generally translates to you know more about it.  Readers want to hear from experts.

“Think like a product person.”

You need to be a bit of a salesperson when it comes to thinking about your content.  Envision a typical sales funnel (Awareness –> Education –> Engagement –> Action –> Repeat Engagement/Action) and create content that brings people down that funnel (and addresses visitors that may be at different stages in the funnel).

An example Murray gave for pieces of content focused around the “awareness” stage in the funnel were how-to guides.  An example of a piece of content focused on the “action” stage in the sales funnel might be a buyers’ guide.

You can see the full post here http://blog.viglink.com/2011/04/27/creating-content-that-monetizes/

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