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Affiliate Summit is a great event and I would recommend you go you can learn a lot.  I submitted a panel about and if you would like to know more about The Future of Content Monetization and Publishing then please vote (You have to register on the site to see anything.).


Affiliate Summit West 2012 session voting

To find other sessions that interest you by sorting the Experience Level, Niche/Vertical, or Target Audience from the header, as well as using the search box.

The system is a little odd. You see a blank registration screen when you go to the website. You have to register on the site to see anything.

2 comments on “Please Vote for my Affiliate Summit West 2012 Session

  • Hey Murray –

    The immediate registration is by design – when we tried to make it with a lower threshold in the past, people stuffed the ballot box.

    We want people to be duly aware that they should only vote if they’re attending Affiliate Summit.

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