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The term blogger relations means building an online presence through blogs and building relationships with bloggers. While some companies still use AdSense as their sole means of advertising, expanding your advertising methods to include blogger relations and other new methods can multiply the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

I’ve worked in blogger relations and online marketing for years so I know why it’s important for most companies to build good relationships with bloggers.

Blogger relations reason 1: Highly targetable customers read blogs

While a bus add for smartphones might be read by Luddites who take the same bus line as potential smartphone users, potential customers that read blogs related to your product are already interested in it so they’re easy to target. That’s why a good blogging relationship program can get you high-quality leads with a high conversion rate: Highly targetable potential customers are already interested in your product or services so they are more likely to buy it.

Blogger relations reason 2: Bloggers are trust agents

A good blogging relations program helps these highly targetable customers trust you by extension of their trust in the blogger. This is because trust agents are people who are seen as an expert authority in their particular field of knowledge. An example is an expert witness in a court case. People believe them even without personally knowing them because of their knowledge. Bloggers are trusted by their readers because they’re seen as amateur enthusiasts who know a lot about their subject.

Blogger relations reason 3: Backlinks make you show up higher on search engines

The number and quality of links going to your Website affect how high it will show up on search engine results. When you hire a blogger relations company, you should make sure that they include links for relevant search terms back to your website. Backlinks help Google see you as a sort-of trust agent: The more people that link back to your site, the more Google sees you as an authority on those search terms, and therefore the higher your site is ranked for those search terms

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  • Thanks for sharing such valuable insights. Blogging continues to show tremendous value to marketers and entrepreneurs alike. Creating positive blogger relations enables companies to learn from industry trend setters, as well as share their own value-added content encouraging necessary two-way communication. Establishing yourself as a thought leader within an industry is an important way to build lasting relationships with others in your community. Thanks for the great thoughts!

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