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LinkWeaver by VigLink is a new Link Insertion tool for publishers

VigLink says relevant affiliate links are added automatically!

http://techcrunch.com reported that “LinkWeaver technology allows readers to instantly click to learn more about a particular product or service, or even make a purchase, without leaving the website to search elsewhere.” The technology really just pops up an advert similar to the offerings by INTENTclick, Kontera and Infolinks. It is not 100% new but maybe they can make a real difference to publishers, maybe they can also do it better.

Why does this matter to publishers?

VigLink report that “One publisher says that LinkWeaver causes its VigLink revenue to increase by nearly 40%.” In a world where many publishers are struggling to make a living and work out their revenue model this can make all the difference. Find out more at VigLink.com

Good luck to Oliver, Ray, Jack and the rest of the team over at VigLink with the new service.

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