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Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence ─ you probably hear these words a lot.

In fact, usage of this new technology is in every industry, from celebrities in Hollywood to the big banks and Wall Street.

We all know that there are significant benefits of having a chatbot supported with Artificial Intelligence for every business. But did you know that AI has already entered politics and has changed the way the elections were run?

For the past years, as we all know it, political campaigns were organized and run manually, and that process involved a lot of people and took a lot of time.

Today, thankfully, we live in the era of AI, chatbots and the internet. Even though the internet has given us the ability to have all the research from our office everywhere and on all devices, in politics, it`s first come first serve, and it’s how fast you are with your information and how quickly you engage with your voters, which often means winning the battle.

6 Ways AI Has Changed Politics

1. Artificial Intelligence Powered Chatbots

I know what you are thinking ─ AI chatbots in politics. . . really?

Yes, and you might know that politicians are engaging with their voters using a chatbot already; a way that they can collect data from them, answer their questions, and easily engage with them.

Moreover, they can analyze the data from the voters and see how they can improve. On the other hand, politicians can do everyday work while their AI chatbot communicates with the voters for them.

2. A Personal Chatbot

We all know what’s happening in the political world this year and a lot of people have questions to ask. But, where do you ask those questions?

The answer is a personal chatbot.

In fact, Donald Trump has his own chatbot where you can ask him anything that you want!

3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Social Engagement

Yes, you heard me right. You may think that your politicians are tweeting their own tweets but how can they do that so often when they are busy running the country and making all-important decisions?

Again, the answer is Artificial Intelligence and personal chatbots.

Machine learning and natural language processing stand behind every politician’s tweet. Using algorithms and NLP, chatbots can feel human-like with the end goal that you are reading the tweet from your politician.

4. Spreading the Misinformation

Let`s be clear ─ bots don`t tell lies ─ humans do.

Past elections will be remembered with a black cloud spreading the wrong info using chatbots. Some people received tweets or SMSs that the voting was postponed or that they can vote for someone else.

5. Engaging People to Vote

During the past elections, some of you had contact with a chatbot called HelloVote.

HelloVote is a simple chatbot that sends SMS messages to voters telling them where to vote, how to vote, and it even offered help with registration. When the election day was getting closer, the bot was sending useful information on where to vote and what is the right way of doing it.

6. Political News and Moments

We all know what is happening during elections ─  so much that we can`t keep up with all the news on a daily basis.

If you are one who likes to stay on top of the election, we have good news for you. Wonk is an AI powered chatbot that uses Facebook Messaging Platform to keep you updated with everything that is happening in politics, from debates to interviews.

Final Thoughts

Artificial Intelligence and chatbots are getting smarter and more sophisticated by the day. In fact, they seem so real using NLP Language that you would think you are interacting with your politician.

This was the pioneer year for AI and chatbots, and we saw how AI had changed politics. Moving forward, I expect to see more creative and AI powered chatbots being used by politicians and shaping politics and elections.


Posted by Maya S.