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If you are working with a team of people you are probably using Slack, you have all you need in one place and it`s a great team platform, and probably the first thing you turn on when start working, after coffee machine, of course.

Slack has users from all around the work and because of the simple and efficient way of communicating with your teammates it become “boss approved” channel for communication, and finally Slack is now replacing emails. You have all in one place, messaging, document sharing, customize notifications and much more.

So, what it will make a Slack even better? I`m sure you are still thinking but the right answer is a chatbot.

Yes, chatbots started on Facebook messaging platforms at first, however having endless possibilities and being such a huge help from travel industry to sales and customer support now, you can find chatbots in almost every platform, from ecommerce to of course the platform where everything started – Facebook.

That being said I`m going to tell you a secret, you can have a chatbot for Slack now as well – for free.

Interested? Keep reading.

We all watched or still watching Sci Fi movies, and building a robot sounds quite impressive and pretty hard. You need to be a programmer, you need to know codding, you must understand where to connect the wires or write the right piece of programming code in order for your robot and software to work – Scary.

Well, that was the situation two years ago, when you needed to hire developer to make you a specific software and then pay him for every update and maintenance. You can still walk this road and have the same process, hire developer then pay him for every update and I hear only cash going away of your pocket in this situation.

Thankfully, today we have technology that is easy to use and tools that are free to use so we can make everything we need including a chatbot for Slack. Yes, you heard me right, today by using the right enterprise chatbot platform like chattypeople, for making your own chatbot for Slack you will need two hours of your time, hot cup of coffee and a good cookie for reward and your chatbot will be up and live in few hours.

You can use your chatbot to order food, cross-vendor calendar scheduling platform, enabling you to connect with everyone, on any calendar and scheduling those meeting will be simple and painless.

The main goal of having a chatbot on slack is productivity. By training your chatbot you can be checking items off your to do list in no time, all within Slack. Possibilities are endless, just think outside the box.

Is there a catch? NO!

Chattypeople platform is easy to use, you only have drag and drop options and to choose from several integrations, including Slack – all for free, without single line of codding required. The platform’s simplicity makes it ideal for entrepreneurs and marketers in all companies, while its technology makes it suitable for enterprise solutions and many integrations.

Innovative platform and simplicity to use, makes it one of the best platform to make chatbots today.

Make your cup of coffee, buy a cookie and start making your Slack bot for free without coding.

Ready, Steady, Bot!

Posted by Maya S.