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The chatbot hype ─ it`s all around us ─  as we have all heard about bots.

But do you know what chatbots are capable of doing?

The recent evolution of human machine interaction shows that things are changing quickly and points to chatbots as the next big thing. Not long ago, when we wanted to get in touch with a brand, it was about waiting for a call to be connected with a customer service agent that may or may not have the right solution.

On the other hand, messaging platforms have become powerful tools where chatbots live and are revolutionary communicating for businesses looking to improve their services and streamline communication with potential customers.

But what else can an AI chatbot do for you?

Here are ways you should be using chatbots for marketing and market research:

Analytics – My name is Bot – Chatbot

This is where a chatbot is the star.

Chatbots, while interacting with consumers, are monitoring their behavior, shopping habits, patterns of decisions and collecting data.

Chatbots can play a significant role in analyzing that data and optimizing sales and marketing strategies in light of this analysis.

It can help by showing what products you will need to market differently or what to change in your approach to customers, and it means saving money by not hiring someone who will make that analytics report for you.

It`s All About Personalization

What drives more sales? Ads. What drives consumers to be faithful to your brand? Personalized ads.

Another chatbot strategy is utilizing personalized ads.

When interacting with customers, chatbots monitor their behaviors and create personalized ads just for them.

Yes, we can do this by using cookies, but what a chatbot does is doing it more personally. If you have clients that like yellow pants and you have a new assortment of them, your chatbot will send them a personalized message, such as “Hey Lucy, we just got in new yellow pants, and they can be found in a store near you or at our website.”

This way, you are targeting all clients individually, I don`t need to see the entire Fall catalog, I only need to see new yellow pants near me.


Feedback is important to every business. Reports are what shows your brand’s imagine though he customers’ eyes.

If trained properly, chatbots can reach out to customers, and depending on their training, they can offer simple and fun quiz questions for customers, asking them several questions and collecting essential feedback.

No one wants to spend time on a survey and take 15-20 minutes to answer the questions. Let`s say that you have a webstore with huge traffic but only 15% of the visitors are making purchases. Your chatbot can start interacting and collect the feedback for you. This way, you will know why people are leaving the store without buying.

Social Media Consistency

Let`s be honest, today, social media is the best platform for advertising and promoting your brand.

With new platforms developing every day, how can you be present at all of them? You don`t have to run several campaigns across many platforms if you have your own bot.

By integrating and training your chatbot, marketers can update brand messages at once across all platforms. This ensures that you have a consistent brand voice across all platforms.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots have become a part of everyday life. It`s common today that your first contact with a brand is a chatbot. And by using NLP, they act so human-like that you might not even notice that you are talking to a chatbot.

Chatbots are a helping-hand for marketers and marketing research. The possibilities are endless, just think outside the box.


Posted by Maya S.