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Speed. Convenience. Value.  ─ The holy grail for customers.

The use of chatbots is rising daily, and more and more people and businesses are using chatbots.

They are simple, easy to use and give you the information you need fast.

If you do not have a chatbot yet, let`s take a look at 10 benefits of enterprise chatbots that will surprise you:

1. Be Where the Crowd is

Chatbots are relatively new; people are adopting them with the speed of light.

If you want to have a successful business, you need to follow the crowd, because people today, love to use messaging to get the information they require.

Chatbots offer mistake-free solutions to customers while using their preferred platform ─ messaging.

2. Omni Channel Presence

Depending on the chatbot you choose, most of them are independent and available across many channels with small differences.

This makes them easy to integrate into any platform.

This also maximizes the benefit of having a chatbot across all platforms, as the presence of customers already exists, and encourages them to interact with your brand by using your chatbot.

3. Chatbots are More Human

Maybe it sounds funny, but if you take a look at the applications, you only have “download,” “login,” “update,” “sign up” and so on.

However, chatbots have a human-like feel, and they will be great with saying, “Hello” and using your customers’ names ─ All with a dose of humor.

4. Attracting the Young Audience

Being in the age of Millennials, messaging is their preferred platform and chatbots do what they do the best ─ message.

Younger consumers prefer everything to be done online, and with messaging, this day, they stay connected with their friends through messaging.

Additionally, Millennials prefer to buy tickets through online and check all their updates – and you might guess, all via messaging.

Using chatbots that can serve younger audiences can increase your revenue. Also, brands should use chatbots to promote deals, products and services to a targeted audience.

5. Low Cost

It`s always about the money.

In this case, chatbots are worth a team of 20 people and cost much less to employ ─ even free at times.

You can find enterprise chatbot platforms like ChattyPeople where you can make your chatbot for free to start and get connected to your e-commerce store, as well.

6. Feedback

The great thing about chatbots is that while they are interacting with consumers, they collect feedback in real time via asking simple questions.

This will help your team to focus on specific parts of your marketing campaign or promoting your company and products differently.

7. Schedule? Travel? VA? PA?

Managing travel and scheduling appointments can be a process full of headaches if you don’t have a Personal or Virtual Assistant.

Thankfully, if you don`t have a budget for a personal assistant, you can have your own chatbot instead.

Chatbots can handle your scheduling meetings, arrange travel, buy you a ticket, schedule you a Uber or even order food.

This will save so much time and all the headaches.

8. Problem Solving

Chatbots are designed to solve problems.

From the first interaction with the clients, they are trying to resolve the problem and give the consumer what they want.

By answering a few questions and following the patterns, chatbots are offering the solutions and responding to the customers, with no mistakes at all.

9. Reduce Emails and Calls

People who don`t want to call customer service will email and use other customer service tools, such as chat with a live agent.

These can be long processes, and sometimes your customers will not get a solution to their problems.

On the other hand, chatbots give straightforward and quick solutions to customers’ problems and offer an instant answer to your consumers’ inquiries.

10. Revenue

From an entrepreneur’s point of view, it`s all about the revenue.

By implementing enterprise chatbots into your sales channel and connecting them with your shopping stores, chatbots can lead all the conversations that will result in payment, as well.

Also, according to consumers’ shopping habits, chatbots can offer similar products before checkout that will lead the customers to buy more, and that will result in bigger revenue.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots can do much more than this, as we only talked about a few aspects today.

In fact, they can attract more consumers, help you with your marketing campaigns, or simply, just streamline the customer support process.

In the years that will come, applications will not be in use, as websites have a lot of information and are time-consuming to look through. Therefore, everything will be handled by chatbots.

If you don`t have your own chatbot, make sure to jump on the chatbot wave and build one today.

ChattyPeople can help with our free start-up plan. Register today!

Posted by Maya S.